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  1. The intense focus on the bodies of trans people, both within the medical professions and without, needs to change as it pathologises trans people by emphasising their difference from non-trans (cis) people. #transdepath http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
  2. We want adequate, affordable and high-quality mental and physical healthcare for trans people everywhere. #transdepath. http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
  3. Dangers of trans pathologisation. “you are a danger to your child” Share your story too on http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/ #transdepath
  4. “The diagnosis took away 5 years of my life.I felt ashamed” Stop the stigma. #transdepath Share your story on http://tgeu.org/trans-depath/
  5. #transdepath so that #trans identities start being recognised like non-trans identities – an integral part of human experience @WHO
  6. .@WHO must ensure #transpeople have access to adequate, affordable & high-quality healthcare #transdepath
  7. .@TGEUorg & @ILGAEurope call on #trans activists & allies to join in fight for #transdepath – #IENicosia16
  8. Participants at #IENicosia16 protest to call on @WHO to depathologise trans identities #transdepath

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